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Ryde Secondary College is a co-educational high school, offering a comprehensive and quality education for all students from Years 7-12. It is a partially selective high school offering two academically selective classes in each year from Years 7-10.

An additional gifted and talented class is offered in each year group, selected using school-based assessments. In most years, three additional mainstream classes are also offered.

The College also provides differentiated learning for students with special needs, with three classes in the Support Unit.

Guidance and materials in the event of your child needing to learn from home.
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Cassy Norris, School Principal's Address 2020.

Academic Excellence

At Ryde Secondary College our students are proudly continuing our tradition of academic excellence.

Your son or daughter will thrive in our vibrant college where they will be challenged and engaged by a diverse curriculum rich in traditional and innovative disciplines.

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College Tours

Due to the current NSW Health Public Order, parents and visitors are not permitted to enter the school. Thank you for supporting our teaching and school community to stop the spread of COVID 19.

We look forward to resuming our monthly tours when Health advice permits.


We have a wide range of opportunities for creative arts, competitions and performance at Ryde Secondary College.

These include our Concert Band, String Ensemble, Choir, Jazz Band, Drama, Dance, Public Speaking and Debating, Visual Arts and Science Competitions.

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With an enrolment of over 1000 students, RSC is a co-educational high school with an academically selective cohort, a gifted and talented stream, mainstream classes and a Special Education Unit for students with disabilities. 75% of students come from multi-lingual backgrounds. Diversity is a major characteristic of RSC.

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All students have the opportunity to participate in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals as well as Ryde Idol, Charity days and Intra-school activities.

Tuesday Sport includes a wide range of Summer Sports, Winter Sports and Social Sports.

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Student Leadership

Opportunities for school leadership exist within our team of twelve prefects and four captains. The positions are elected by both the students and staff.

Our captains lead our prefect body and manage our regular College Assembly program.

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Ryde Secondary College String Ensemble

In 2017 the Ryde Secondary College String Ensemble travelled to ‘Nimmitabell’ in Hampton NSW to play in a beautiful rural setting.

Music Director: Lucy East | Director: Andy Kirkwood | Produced by Alison Shaw | Filmed by Ascent Digital.

Ryde Secondary College a co-educational high school, offering a comprehensive and quality education

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